Our supplied ready mixed concrete is discharged from a concrete truck mixer into our mobile pump hopper (one of many). The concrete is then drawn into the mobile pump, and then forced out again along the connecting hosepipe. The hose is fixed to a pipe laid along the ground line and then discharged to the site project. The concrete is then continuously poured into the mobile pump hopper, along the pipe and out the other end until there is sufficient quantity at the job site or footings.

Our mobile pumps are usually used on larger construction sites as they can pump large amounts of concrete quickly and efficiently, and even very slowly if required. Our mobile pumps have outputs of up to 60 cubic meters per hour (6-8 minutes for 6 cubic meters of concrete).

The mobile pump pipes can reach over and under obstacles ie; buildings sites, house foundations and long thoroughfare such as driveways and roads. This is by far the best way to pump concrete into the foundations and awkward building site areas and by far the most cost effective method of pumping concrete to a specific area with your choice of bulk material product.

AR Pumpcrete typical commercial projects, we have built and worked on

  • Experienced in all aspects of commercial concrete pumping
  • Building sites
  • Large house footings
  • Large driveways
  • Bulk slab work
  • All volume workload considered
AR Pumpcrete Commercial Concrete Pumping
Commercial Concrete Pumping
AR Pumpcrete pumping concrete
Concrete pumping from AR Pumpcrete

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