AR Pumpcrete specialise in the supply of liquid and flowing screed with our specially designed compact screed pump units. We cater for projects of all sizes and provide a great solution when working in restricted and awkward areas, reducing the risk of damage to your property. If you are looking for a superior alternative to traditional sand and cement screed, we will provide you with a product that is easy to pour and quick drying.

  • AR Pumpcrete are Health and safety registered concrete/screed pump operators.
  • A Less labour intensive installation, greatly reduced health and safety risks.
  • An improved manufacturing process resulting in a more environmentally friendly product.
  • AR Pumpcrete operatives are fully trained.
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Benefits of Flowing and Liquid Screeds

The benefits of liquid and flowing screed is vast. Large open spaces can be covered in a short period of time, reducing labour and man hours. Lower floor depths can be achieved and set to laser accuracy. Flowing and liquid screeds can be bonded or un-bonded, like traditional screeds.

Liquid and flowing screed can also be used for all types of new build developments and renovations projects. With the use of specialised product additives, a liquid screed applied around connected heating pipes eliminates air-pockets and improves the efficiency of the UFH system. Liquid and flowing screeds are also used for acoustic insulation where “Sound Bar” systems are used.

Flowing screed can be laid at 50mm on-top of underfloor heating as opposed to the 75 mm required with sand and cement, the drying times are dramatically reduced. More importantly, your underfloor heating can warm the room quicker because not only is flowing screed the efficient transfer medium but there is less material for the heat to transfer through.

Anhydrite screeds have become quite common as they offer benefits over sand/cement screeds. They are very easy to lay, fast-drying, low cost, pumpable, self-levelling and offer minimal shrinkage. The Anhydrite screeds are suitable for use with under-floor heating as long as the pipe and elements are covered by 25mm.

If you are considering a new floor fitted or an under floor heating installation? It is essential that you have an even layer of base concrete for optimum results. At AR Pumpcrete, we use a self-leveling screed or flowing floor screed that can be force dried. Using modern application methods, we ensure that your screeded floor finish is smooth and consistent.

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